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About our Park

          Established in 1968, The Deer Park started off as a small roadside attraction with just a few deer. 4 years later, the park was acquired by Bob and Mary Tenney, who transformed it into The West Coast Game Park Safari. Over the years the Tenneys expanded and updated the park, while maintaining the up close and personal interaction with the animals that is a mainstay of the park.

          In 2009, Bob and Mary retired, turning the reins over to their son, Brian. Brian has carried on the family tradition of updating and renovating the park, always for the betterment of the inhabitants. The pride the Tenneys have in the park is evident in the care and treatment of all the animals, which we consider “family” members. The animal habitats are designed in a way that allows a more close up look than most zoos are able to provide. Over 450 animals and 75 species are available for viewing and photographing by park visitors. The park is known for its all-natural breeding program from which many endangered species have been born.

          Most of the year round employees have been with the park long term, some as many as 20+ years, making this a consistent, knowledgeable group of people caring for each and every animal. Each summer seasonal help is hired, quite a few of which start working at the park during high school and continue to work summers up through graduating from college.

          The West Coast Game Park Safari is proud of their ability to allow visitors a “hands on” experience with exotic and unusual animals. When visitors first enter the park gates, they will be immersed amongst hundreds of free-roaming animals for feeding and petting. They also have the freedom to walk the park to view and photograph the larger, more exotic animals up close. Visitors most often come away with long-lasting memories of their experiences in our presentation areas. Almost all of the park's animals have been hand-raised by Game Park staff and have grown up being handled by the public while they are young.

          Game Park Staff believe it's important for all of these animals to assist in educating visitors about the issues surrounding conservation and extinction. We consider these animals ambassadors for their species to you and your family, and hope that you find the interactive experience with our “family” as meaningful as we do.


          On behalf of Brian, the staff, and our animals, we welcome you to our park. Enjoy!


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