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Animal Presentations

Call for most current animal ambassador listings!

Interact and photograph exotic animals up close!
Bandon, OR

Our interactive learning presentations offer amazing experiences and are included in the price of admission. Visitors of all ages are able to get up close and personal with our Animal Ambassadors who range from young Tigers, Lions, Bears, and even some adult animals like Caracals, Bobcats, Skunks, Opossums, Foxes, and many more! These particular animals are only viewable during our show times. 

Each presentation is tailored to the amount of visitors in the park and thus we do not have specific times for each presentation. However, we do announce over intercom when we do shows and recommend that visitors wishing to see all the shows plan to do the full set of shows at once.

These experiences also include an educational presentation from one of our handlers and any questions you may have may be directed at one of our staff members.

The photo to the left is just an example of the presentations we've had in the past, please call the park directly or view Facebook page to see who you can currently meet at the Game Park!

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