to the West Coast Game Park Safari located in Bandon, Oregon.
Thanks entirely to visitors attendance, West Coast Game Park Safari has become Oregon's largest, totally self-supporting wildlife attraction, dedicated to propagation, preservation and education, while reminding all that extinction lasts forever!


Learn about an exotic animal!

Daily animal presentations!



7 Days a Week
10am to 5pm
(last entry at 4:30)
Free Roaming Animals

When you first enter the front gates  you will be immediately immersed among hundreds of free-roaming animals including: goats, sheep, deer, and peacocks! We offer "cones" with grain in the gift shop to allow visitors to feed and get some great photo opportunities.

Meet our Ambassadors

Each day we present interactions with multiple ambassador animals. Scratch a belly, take some photos, learn about these animals and their conservation, and have the experience of a lifetime.


Interact, play, and photograph animals up close!

A handler will present our ambassador animals for specific interaction with visitor groups. Visitors will be allowed time to visit, pet, play, and photograph our ambassador animals within each given presentation area. See our featured animals under the "Presentations" tab above.

Over 450 Animals to see!

Walk the park and see over 75 species of animals.

Visitors have the ability to free roam the zoo much like the goats and deer! No matter which turn you take you'll see plenty of beautiful animals including Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Caracals, Elk, Reindeer, Bison, Camels, Wallabies, Lemurs, Chimpanzees, and many more!

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