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Keeper Wishlist




We have no preference where the following items are purchased/donated from (mail to 46914 U.S. Hwy 101 Bandon, OR 97411 or drop off during open hours):


  • Visa Giftcards/Gift Cards to stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Petco, Petsmart, Home Depot, Fred Meyer, etc.

  • Full-size Angled(Tilted) and Full-size Normal Plastic Baby Bottles

  • Heating Pad (No Auto-shutoff feature)

  • Thicker Rope Toys

  • Thick Rubber Kongs/chew toys

  • Big Toy Balls

  • Towels/Blankets

  • Ask us about how you can help donate to our larger enrichment/feeder wishlist!



Welcome visitors, and thank you for helping. Here is our registry where we will list highly wanted/needed enrichment and other items around the park. We list items as small as $5.00 and up. In no way are you required to purchase anything for the park. We are completely run by visitors' admission and donations, so anything helps. Many people have asked for this registry because it's a way for them to know exactly what their donations are going toward. If you purchase something from this list, be sure to let us know through the app or by email and we'll mark it. If you purchase/donate something from the list we will send you a personal postcard/thank you note.

Please check your items through the gift shop/email. We must preapprove items before we can give them to animals.


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